Norms & Nature

Philosophical research focus

Anthropology and ethics

Philosophical foundations of neuroscience

Ethical and social questions related to neurotechnologies and biotechnologies 

Dept. of Philosophy, University of Freiburg

Cluster of Excellence BrainLinks-BrainTools




Head: Prof. Dr. Oliver Müller



Research on the anthropological foundations of ethics including natural philosophy; on normative self-relations of persons and on various anthropological topics (visibility, Leib and body, self-being and technology, transhumanism); exploration of the ethical and anthropological implications of current medical technologies and biotechnologies, particularly with regard to neurotechnologies and the philosophical foundations of psychiatry and neurology; studies on action theory and phenomenology and their relation to neuroscientific research and its medical applications 

Historical and systematical investigations of the concepts of self and alterity, of the genesis of the technical relationship to self and world, of symbol theory and metaphorology, as well as investigations of the thematic constellation of naturalism

Junior Research Group for the compilation of a neuro-philosophical compendium about current brain-machine-interfacing research (DFG)

Discourse and art projects in cooperation with the Theater Freiburg and various artists to initiate reflection, participation. and public discussions of philosophical and ethical questions 

Collaborations with Prof. Dr. Lore Hühn, Department of Philosophy


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